Winning at Home Poker

Poker is buzzing all around us these days. It's on TV, the internet and in hundreds of how-to books. These venues are great, but what about the old-fashioned at home poker games? Online poker has brought money poker games into our home whenever we feel like playing and offer a great community to play with.

Dust off that old card table in your basement and bring back that Friday poker night in your own home. Playing and winning poker in you own home can be fun to chat with buddies, practice your game and maybe take a little money as well. Choose one particular poker game, like Texas Holdem or host a tournament of a variety of poker games. "HORSE" is an acronym for Texas Holdem, Omaha, Razz, Seven Card Stud and Seven Card Stud Eight or Better. A game of "HORSE" demands that all players have knowledge of all five games. On the upside, some games are quite simple. Your strength may become a weakness in a different game which makes this scenario interesting for all players.

Winning in a home poker game is a whole different ball of wax than in the casino or online. The biggest advantage you have is you know the players. You can read them more quickly. When you play in home games, the strategy is to bluff. Bluff a lot. It is okay if you lose a good chunk of change in the first half, since home poker games get rolling a little slower. The blinds increase dramatically at the end of the game and that means that the pots will get bigger and bolder at the end of the night.

When your buddies see your bluffs and call you on them, don't let up. Keep bluffing. Players will start to call your bluff out on the pre-flop and now you have them! Keep your pre-flop game tight and your big payoff will come when draw a good hand. It is bound to happen and it will work. Enjoy winning poker at home, whether it is your friend's money or an online opponent.